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ROSE OF GLAMIS (2x(S32+R32)) Sq.Set    J Drewry
1- 8      1s+3s Set & Link, 1M & 3M pass partners to right, 1L followed closely by 3M dance out between 4s while 3L followed by 1M dance out between 2s, Ladies dance to their right & Men to left to join ends of line of 4 with 2s/4s
9-16     All set in lines of 4 on sides, 1M & 3 M cast to opposite ends of lines while partners dance into centre & pirouette (BtoB), Men dance into centre & pirouette while Ladies dance right to end of side lines facing out, Men dance out to right to ends of line facing out while partners cast to opposite ends of line
17-24    All dance full reels of 4 on sides
25-32    All turn 2H next person (on sides) & open up to form lines of 4 across (with 1s & 3s in centre of lines), all set & advance to partners, all 3/4 turn partners to end in promenade hold facing clockwise (Men on outside), all Promenade on 1 place & face in. 4 3 2 1
1- 8      4s & 2s (top & bottom couples) Set & Link, Men pass partners in front & follow their partner to face side couples, Ladies turn Men by LH while Men turn Ladies by RH & dance back into Sq.Set
9-16     4s & 2s with 2H joined set & pass each other couple (Men BtoB), set & pass back (Ladies BtoB)
17-24    All joining RH with partners set, Men set again as Ladies turn right under partners arm, 1.1/4 turn to end in prom hold facing anti-clockwise
25-32    All Promenade round
    Repeat Strathspey & Reel again to end in original positions

Based on MINICRIB by Charles Upton. 

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