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Programme for the White Rose Festival Dance

1. ROARING JELLY (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    H Foss Glendarroch SD Sheets
1- 8      1s cross RH, cast 1 place, cross RH & cast (Man up & Lady down) into centre
9-16     1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back (1s end in centre)
17-24    1s crossing RSh dance to right to dance figs of 8 (Lady round 2s as 1M dances round 3s)
25-32    1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd corners & cross RH to places

2. JOHN OF BON ACCORD (R8x32) 3C (4C set)    R Goldring RSCDS 33
1- 16     1s dance 4 progressive 1/2 diagonal reels of 3 with 2L then 2M then 3L & lastly 3M, (1s start by passing RSh & 1M giving LSh to 2L)
17-24    1s turn RH & cast up to 2nd place on own sides, dance 1/2 fig of 8 around the 2s to 2nd place opposite sides
25-32    2s+1s+3s turn 3/4 RH to end in line in centre of dance facing partners (M facing down & L up) & set, 3/4 turn RH to end on own sides & set

3. SILVER TASSIE (S8x32) 3C (4C set)    J Drewry Bon Accord Book
1- 8      1s+2s+3s cross RH & set, cross back RH & set
9-16     1s & 3s double fig of 8 round 2s (3s casting)
17-24    1s followed by 2s+3s dance down, 1s followed by 2s+3s (who part to let 1s thru) dance back to top
25-32    1s+2s dance the Rondel

4. IT'S JUST FOR FUN (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    R Fidler RSCDS 33
1- 8      1s cross RH & cast 1 place, 1M dances 1/2 fig of 8 round 2s while 1L dances round 3s 1s end facing 1st corners
9-16     1s dance 1/2 reel with 1st crnrs, pass LSh & dance RH across (1M with couple in 1st pl & 1L with cple in 3rd pl) 1s end facing 2nd crnrs
17-24    1s dance 1/2 Reel of 4 with 2nd corners, pass partner LSh to dance RH across, 1M with 2L+3L (on Mens side) & 1L with 2M+3M
25-32    1s 1/2 turn L H while 2s+3s change places RH on sides, 1M dances up & 1L down, cast on own sides while corners set & cross RH & all set

5. THE PIPER & THE PENGUIN (R88) Sq.Set    R Goldring Scotia Suite SCDs
1- 8      Ladies dance RSh round their corners & dance RH across ending in centre
9-16     Ladies dance LSh round their partners, dance LH across & back to places
17-24    Men dance RSh round their partners & dance RH across ending in centre
25-32    Men dance LSh round corners, dance LH round & back to places
33-40    1s & 3s turn partners RH 1.1/4 times, Men followed by partners dance out between side couples & back to places (1M thru 4s & 3M thru 2s)
41-48    1s+3s dance R&L
49-64    2s+4s repeat bars 33-48
65-72    Ladies dance in, right about turning dance out & cast clockwise to opposite Ladies place
73-80    Men dance in, left about turning to dance out & cast anticlockwise to opposite places
81-88    All turn partners RH into promenade hold & Promenade 1/2 way round to original places

6. JOHN MCALPIN (S8x32) 3C (4C set)    Hugh Foss Galloway Album
1- 8      1s Advance+Retire, 1 step (touch RH), 1/2 turn LH, lead down 1 place & 3/4 turn LH to face 1st corners
9-16     1s turn RH 1st corner, turn partner LH, turn RH 2nd corner, turn partner LH ending on own sides
17-24    2L+1L+3L set, Advance+Retire & set while 2M+1M+3M stand for 2 bars, set, Advance+Retire
25-32    2s+1s+3s cross RH, circle 6H round to left 1/2 way, cross LH & circle 6H round to right 1/2 way

7. MRS STEWART'S JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    F Ligtmans RSCDS 35
1- 8      1s set, 1L followed by partner casts 2 places, 1L crosses (below 3s) & casts up on Mens side to 2nd place facing down while 1M dances round 3L & up the middle to 2nd place Ladies side facing down
9-16     2s+1s+3s dance Grand Chain, end with 2M & 1M facing out
17-24    2s+1s dance Ladies Chain
25-32    2s+1s+3s Advance+Retire for 2 steps & 1s turn 1.1/2 RH to own sides

8. SCHIEHALLION (1x(S64+R64)) Sq.Set    H Thurston
Strathspey: -
1-16         All dance Chorus: - Grand Chain 1/2 way, set HS, Grand Chain 1/2 way & set HS Men end BtoB in the middle facing partner
17-32    Men set (rocking step) as Ladies petronella 1/2 way round set, change pl RH with opp Man, Ladies dance LH across 1/2 way & turn partners
33-48    Repeat bars 1-16      (Chorus)
49-56    All dance RH across 1/2 way (Men on outside), all change places with partners advancing 1 place & change places again advancing 1 more place
57-64    All repeat bars 49-56 back to places
Reel: -
1-16         All dance Chorus: - Grand Chain 1/2 way, turn partner R arms twice, Grand Chain 1/2 way & turn twice
17-32    1s+3s set advancing, turn opposite dancer & circle 4H round to left, 2s+4s repeat
33-48    Repeat bars 1-16      (Chorus)
49-64    All dance Schiehallion Reels of 8 (Men start by crossing to the right, Ladies cast & cross (following partner)

9. WEE COOPER O' FIFE (J8x40 in 10 bar phrases) 2C (4C set)    H Foss Dances to Song tunes
1-10    1s set & cross RH, set & cross down LH & cast up round 2s to original place
11-20    1s+2s dance R&L 1.1/4 times (ie 5 moves)
21-30    1s+2s set & dance 1/2 RH across, set & dance 1/2 LH across, 1L+2M continue turning LH to face partner, while 1M casts off and 2L casts up
31-40    1s+2s dance full reel of 4 across dance passing partners RSh & dance back to own side (1s in 2nd place)

10. POLHARROW BURN (R5x32) 5C set    Hugh Foss Glendarroch SD Sheets
1- 8      1s & 3s cross RH, cast 1 place & dance 1/2 fig of 8 round couple above them
9-16     1s & 3s turn RH then LH (long turns) to face 1st corners while 2s & 5s 1/2 turn RH & chase clockwise to other end of set
17-24    1s & 3s dance 1/2 Reels of 4 with 1st corners then 2nd corners
25-32    1s & 3s dance 1/2 Reel of 4 with 3rd corner, turn partner LH & cast down 1 place own sides Also published in RSCDS 2007

11. FROM SCOTIA'S SHORES WE'RE NOO AWA' (S8x32) 3C (4C set)    R M Campbell RSCDS Leaflet
1- 8      1-8 1s turn RH, cast 1 place, turn RH, 1L dances up and casts round 2L as 1M dances down and casts round 3M, to 2nd place
9-16     1s turn 1st corners RH pass partner RSh, turn 2nd corners RH & pass partner RSh to 2nd place own sides
17-24    1s dance reflection reels of 3 on own sides (1s dancing out & up to start), 1s & 2s continue reel to end 1 2 3
25-32    1s+2s dance TOURNEE

12. THE LUCKENBOOTH BROOCH (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    J Dickson Glendarroch SD Sheets
1- 8      1s in promenade hold (Lady on Man's left) dance RSh reel of 3 with 2s & end facing 3M
9-16     1s dance RSh reel with 3s ending with 1s dancing across to Mens side
17-24    2s+3s R&L while 1M casts up 1L dn, into centre & dance out Ladies side, 1M cast up 1L dn, to end 1M between 2s facing dn & 1L+3s facing up,
25-32    2s+1s+3s set twice ending with 1s turning RH 1.3/4 times to 2nd places

13. SUMMER WOOING (R8x32) 3C (4C set)    A Macpherson RSCDS 38
1- 8      1s+2s circle 4H round to left, chase clockwise 1/2 way to end on opp sides (2s in 1st place facing down & 1s in 2nd place facing up)
9-16     2s+1s+3s dance RSh reels of 3 on sides
17-24    1s followed by 2s lead down for 3 steps, 2s divide & follow 1s back to top, 1s+2s retain RH & Men pass in front of Ladies as they turn under right arm
25-32    1s+2s dance Poussette

14. THE MINISTER ON THE LOCH (S3x32) 3C set    R Goldring RSCDS 2008
1- 8      1s+2s dance Diamond Poussette right round
9-16     1s dance down for 2 steps, turn 2H, dance up to top & turn 2H
17-24    1s+3s dance double fig of 8 round 2s with 1s casting to start
25-32    1M+2M turn LH 1.1/2 times while 1L+2L turn RH 1.1/2 times, 1M+3M turn RH 1.1/2 times while 1L+3L turn LH 1.1/2 times
Also published in 24 Graded & Social Dances

15. THE CHEQUERED COURT (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    D Brown RSCDS 42
1- 8      1s cross RH, cast 1 place, 1s dance 1/2 figs of 8 (Man round 2s & Lady round 3s) & end facing 1st corners
9-16     1s dance Pass & Turn with 1st corners & 1s loop round in centre back to face 4th corners, 1s dance Pass & Turn with 4th corners & loop round to face own sides
17-24    1s dance 6 bars of Double Triangles & loop round to end with 1L between 2s facing 2L & 1M between 3s facing 3M
25-32    1s dance reel of 3 across giving RSh to 4th corners & 1s cross RH to own sides

16. REEL OF THE ROYAL SCOTS (R8x32) 3C (4C set)    R Goldring SCD Leaflets
1- 8      1s 1/2 turn 2s on sides (1M RH - 1L LH) to double triangle position, 2s+1s+3s set, 1s 1/2 turn 3s on sides (1M LH - 1L RH) end 3s facing out & 2s+3s+1s set
9-16     1s followed by 3s dance up between 2s, cast down 1 place, dance in & 1s cast up to 2nd place 3s end in 3rd place
17-24    1s turn 1st corners RH, pass partner RSh turn 2nd corners RH & cross passing partner RSh to 2nd place own sides
25-32    2s+1s+3s circle 6H round & back

17. THE ROBERTSON RANT (S80) Sq.Set    D Winchester RSCDS 39
1- 8      All circle 8H round & back
9-16     All Ladies dance RH across 1/2 way & turn opposite Man LH, all Ladies dance 1/2 RH across & turn partner LH
17-24    1s+3s dance reel of 4 with Ladies starting by passing LSh
25-32    All set (HS) to corners & turn twice
33-40    2s+4s dance reel of 4 with Ladies starting by passing LSh
41-48    All set (HS) to corners & turn twice
49-56    All Ladies circle left, set to & turn partners 2H
57-64    All Men circle right, set to & turn partners 2H
65-72    Grand Chain
73-80    All Allemande anti-clockwise

18. FESTIVAL FLING (R8x32) 3C (4C Set)     L Davidson RSCDS 44
1- 8     1s set, cross RH, cast 2 places & dance up to face 1st corners
9-12     1s set to 1st corners & change places RH, corners dance pass LSh to face 2nd corners (M facing M & L facing L)
13-16     Original 1st corner persons set to 2nd corners, change places RH & 2nd corners pass LSh to face 1st corner (M facing M & L facing L)
17-20     Original 2nd corners set to 1st corners (1s), change places RH & 1s end facing opposite sides as for double triangles
21-24     All set, corners chase 1 place clockwise while 1s PdB round each other to face down (Man with partner on left)
25-32     1s dance down between 3s, cast up to 2nd place, dance up between 2s & cast to 2nd place

19. TRIBUTE TO THE BORDERS (J8x32) 3C (4C set)    R Goldring RSCDS Leaflet
1- 8      1s cross RH & cast 1 place, turn RH 1.1/2 times to end in promenade hold facing 2M
9-16     1s dance 1/2 RSh reel of 3 on Mans side, cross & dance 1/2 reel on Ladies side 1s end facing 3L (in top position)
17-24    1s set to 3L, turn & set to 2L, turn & set to 2M, turn & set to 3M ending with 2s+1s+3s in centre for Allemande
25-32    3s+1s+2s Allemande

20. TRIP TO BAVARIA (R4x32) 4C set    J MacGregor-Brown Collins Pocket Ref
1-4    1s & 4s cross RH while 2s+3s dance 1/2 RH across, 1s+3s & 2s+4s change places LH on sides
5-16    3s & 2s cross RH while 1s+4s dance 1/2 RH across, & repeat until back in original places
17-24    1s set to 2s & cross over to face 3s, set & cross to face 4s
25-32    1s set to 4s & cross over to 4th place on opposite sides, all Advance+Retire 2 steps 1s changing places 2H to retire to own sides

Based on MINICRIB by Charles Upton.

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