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BRANCHES TOGETHER       (96 bar strathspey for four couples in a square set.)       Roy Goldring Graded and Social Dances 3
1-4      1st and 3rd couple set to partner and turn ˝ way round with right hand
5-8      With the women leading, 1st and 3rd couples dance clockwise one place around the outside and dance into the middle, 1st woman passing 2nd man and 1st man passing 2nd woman by the right (3rd couple dance similarly round 4th couple) finish in a line of four, 1st woman finishing back to back with 3rd man and 1st man finishing back to back with 3rd woman.
9-16      Reels of four across the dance but on bars 15-16, 1st and 3rd men followed by partners, cast/curve back to their own places. 2nd and 4th couples return to place normally.
17-24      1st and 3rd couples dance rights and lefts but on bars 23-24, each couple turns ˝ way round with left hands with the men finishing behind their partner with the women facing their first corner.
25-32      Tandem reels of three across (similar to those in Pelorus Jack.) 1st couple dance with 4th man (passing him by the right shoulder) and 2nd woman. Similarly 3rd couple dance with 2nd man and 4th woman finishing in original places.
33-64      2nd and 4th couple repeat bars 1-32, the reels being up and down the dance.
65-68      All set and link
69-72      The women dance in front of their partner, behind the next man (4th man for 1st woman etc.) and into the opposite man’s place.
73-76      All set and link with ‘new partner’.
77-80      Men repeat bars 69-72 from own places dancing in front of ‘new’ partner and behind the next woman (2nd woman in 4th woman’s place for the 1st man etc.) to finish beside partner.
81-84      The women dance right hands across to finish in new places.
85-88      The men dance left hands across but finish in the centre facing partner.
89-94      The women dance into the centre, passing partner by the right, dance left hands across half way, dance out to own places, and then curve into the middle. The men dance out and then follow partner to finish on the side facing partner.
95-96      All turn partner once round with right hand finishing with the women in the centre and the men on the outside ready for bows and curtsies. Tune: The Dingles’ Eightsome Room. ( Muriel Johnstone –Scotscores)

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