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THE RARE BIRD (S4x32) 4C set J Drewry Bankhead Bk 5
On 2nd chord1st and 3rd men stand still and all others move one place as in Glasgow Highlanders. 1s and 3c are on the menís side and 2c and 4c are on the ladies side as in Glasgow Highlanders.
1- 8       1M & 2M, also 3m & 4M turn by R ĺ round and dance round partners passing by right. Ladies repeat turning and passing L.
9-16      9-16 1c with 2c and 3c with 4c set and circle half way round to L then set and petronella in tandem.
17-24      17-24 All set and link twice with partners but 2L and 3L rotate into place behind on first link and 2M and 3Mrotate into place behind on 2nd link. 1c and 4 c dance out to own places on sides while 2c & 3c stay in middle.
28-32       3c dance up between 1c and cast to 2nd place while2c dance down between 4c and cast up to 3rd place. Men set with lady on left.1m and 2m cast off while3m and 4m cast up. All ladies dance across to finish beside their partners

Based on MINICRIB by Charles Upton.†

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