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THE EIGHTSOME REEL (R40+8x48+40) Sq.Set    RSCDS 2
Introduction: -
1- 8      All circle 8H round & back
9-16     Ladies dance RH across (partners on their left) in St George's Cross formation, change to Men dancing LH across in centre back to places
17-24    All set to partners twice & turn 2H < br>25-40    All dance Grand Chain (2 steps to each person, 16 bars total)
Dance: -    8 times through firstly with 1L in centre, then 2L, 3L, 4L, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M
1- 8      With 1L in centre of dance setting (special steps?) the others dance 7H round & back
9-16     1L sets to partner & turns 2H, 1st Lady sets & turns 3rd Man
17-24    1L dances reel of 3 with partner & 3rd Man passing partner LSh
25-32    1L sets in centre while others circles 7H round & back
33-40    1L sets to 4th Man & turns 2H, 1st Lady sets to 2nd Man & turns 2H
41-48     1L dances a reel of 3 with 4M+2M across dance passing 4M LSh & 1L retires to place as 2L goes into centre
Finale: -
1-40     Repeat Introduction

Based on MINICRIB by Charles Upton. 

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