Secretary: Irene Dracup 21 Lawns Drive Leeds West Yorkshire  LS12 5RJ   Tel 0113 263 1310  Email

Additional Information

Entry fees:
Junior: £17 per team of up to 9 dancers plus a teacher.
Adult teams: £27 per team of 8-10 dancers. Additional dancers - £2.50 each
(Prices include postage)
We would welcome entries from teams that are less than 8 dancers; please contact  Brenda Burnell (208, Moseley Wood Gardens, Leeds, LS16 7JE   Tel. 0113 267 6655 or for a price.
Please note that we would like any dancers who wish to be included in the afternoon mass dancing to have a thorough knowledge of the dances that have been set as there will not be any recaps.
Spectators: £1 per ticket in advance; programmes will be available to purchase on the day for 50p each. In the event of wet weather programmes purchased on the day will not allow admittance to the sports hall or performing arts centre.

Evening dance tickets: £10 each, £3 for those in full-time education, £2 for those 11 and under.
The price will include a plated supper with wine or soft drinks.

The space available limits the number of dancers that can be accommodated. All evening dance tickets will therefore be on a “first come, first served” basis.
If you are just applying for evening dance tickets or spectator tickets please enclose a SAE with a second class stamp for large envelopes.

Dance Instructions
If there are any difficutlities in accessing non-RSCDS dances please contact the secretary

Wet weather arrangements

In the event of wet weather the afternoon dancing will be held indoors in two separate halls. Both venues will have live music. Gateways School has a performing arts centre with excellent spectator facilities. The junior teams and a small number of adult teams will use this. A full programme, including demonstrations, will be danced and Ian Slater will provide the music.

All other teams will dance a full programme in the sports hall to George Meikle and the Lothian Band..
The White Rose Festival is planned as an outdoor event. However, this being England, we can never guarantee that the weather will be kind to us and we may be forced indoors. If it should be necessary we aim to make the indoor
festival as enjoyable as possible although we hope for sunshine again this year. We believe that the participants largely determine the atmosphere and we would ask that everyone enter into the spirit of the festival to help others to enjoy it.
Please note: no food is allowed in the Performing Arts Centre.

Parking is freely available for both cars and coaches on site at the owner’s risk.


Gateways School has a restaurant which can provide reasonably priced lunches and evening meals to be paid for at the time of purchase. Please indicate on your application form if meals are required together with the numbers.

We invite afternoon participants and spectators to have an evening meal with us and add to the atmosphere of the
festival. Unfortunately, because of limited space and time we are unable to offer evening meals to others.
Please indicate on your application form approximately how many meals are required. We will issue vouchers for the
evening meal which will allow admittance to the dining room and will indicate a time for your meal.

Should it be necessary to restrict the numbers dining with us vouchers will be issued on a “first come,
first served” basis.

Evening Arrangements

Brief “recaps” will be given unless otherwise stated, but because of acoustic difficulties in the hall we cannot
guarantee that they will be clearly heard.


Some accommodation is available in Harewood village and in Wetherby. A wider range of accommodation is available in Harrogate, approximately 20 minutes away by road. Details of accommodation in Leeds is available from the tourist office at:Gateway Yorkshire, Regional Travel and Tourism Centre, The Arcade, Leeds City Station, Leeds, LS1 1PL, tel. 0113 242 5242 or via the web site:

Details of accommodation in Harrogate is available from the Tourist Information Centre, Royal Baths Crescent Road, Harrogate, HG1 2RR, tel. 01423 537 304, email or via the web site
Further Communications

Please would team leaders ensure that all members of the team receive copies of this information. We would particularly like to draw your attentions to the information regarding evening meals on the site.
It would greatly assist the committee if the contact details could include an email address if available.

In May we will send out tickets, programmes and directions plus cribs where requested on the entry forms. Maps can be taken off the internet at by entering post code LS17 9LE. Alternatively maps can be obtained from the Gateways School web site at

Please note: team spaces are limited first come first served; deadline 30th April 2010
Dance tickets are limited first come first served; early application advised
Branch web-site address:
Deadline for receipt of entries: 30th April 2010
All entries to Brenda Burnell: 208, Moseley Wood Gardens, Leeds, LS16 7JE.
Tel. 0113 267 6655, email