Secretary Lesley Tompkins 1 Schoolgate Barwick in Elmet Leeds West Yorkshire LS15 4PF Tel 0113 281 1279 Email

Afternoon Programme

Mass Dancing

1 Queen’s Quadrille (R) 43.4 Complete as published
2 Festival Fling   (R) 44 4 times
  Seann Truibhas Willichan  (S) 27 3 times - everyone, middles, everyone
3 Immigrant Lass      (J) 39 4 times
  12 Coates Crescent (S) 40 3 times

Johnnie’s Welcome Hame

(R)  32 4 times 
  The Grey Wanderer (S)   twice
The Lord of the Rings Book by Ian Boyd Available from SNDC, 1, Lakeside, Earley, Reading, Berks, RG6 7PG
5 New Brudenell Jig  J   4 times
The Silver Thistle Collection, Leeds Branch RSCDS
  Autumn in Appin (S) 31 3 times
6 Village Reel S 20 4 times - everyone, middles, everyone
  Reel of the 51st Division R 13 repeated with the children 4 times
7 Dashing White Sergeant R 3 5 times - for everyone

Demonstration dances

1 Rose of Glamis M (32S, 32R, 32S, 32R) Dancing Forth Too
2 Strictly Scottish R (6 x 48) Dancing Forth Too
  Instructions and CD for the 2 above dances are available from Edinburgh Branch RSCDS 2004: Secretary: Mrs. Rena Mulholland, 4/4 Inglis Green Gait, Edinburgh, EH14 2LG Telephone: 07041 323155 Email:
3 Maid of the Mist S (32 bar Strathspey for 5 couples)
John Drewry in: Canadian Book of Scottish Country Dances
4 Doon Hame R (112 bar reel)
Jackie Johnston in: Loreburn Set of Dances vol. 1 Recommended music: Glencairn Reel (Ian Holmes)

Highland dances

Highland Fling 4 step boys to be encouraged to dance
Lilt 4 step girls to be encouraged to dance
Shepherd’s Crook    
Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch