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New Books and CDs, including Book 48 and Graded Book 3 - order now

The Leeds Golden Collection - new book from Leeds Beyond the Borders - Latest CD by Chris, Julie and Nick Dewhurst
90 Anniversary book from Edinburgh and the accompanying CD by Graeme Munro and his Band The Sunday Club Book - and accompanying CD by Marian Anderson and her band
Take Your Partners For ...Vol 4 - Luke Bradys Scottish Dance Band Graded Book 3 and accompanying CD by George Meikle and Gordon Simpson
Moments in Time by Elaine Brunken and the CD by Jim Lindsay, Keith Smith & Muriel Johnstone

Book 48 and accompanying CD by Susan MacFadyen's Band

The Other Kangaroo Paw - CD by Marian Anderson and her band The Fifth Catherine de Barnes Collection by Gillian Jennings
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Upcoming Dances

Leeds Joint Ball - with York

15th Nov 2014

Ian Muir and Craigellachie
SCD Band
Crib with Diagrams

The Riley Smith Hall,




The 61 st White Rose Festival will take place at The Gateways School, Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LE
11th July 2015.

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Autumn Classes

Monday 8 September 2014
to 15 December 2014

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Starts 27th Sept 2014
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26th October 2014
Highland Day School
Teacher: Catherine Livsey
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21st February 2015
Musicians' Day School
(And a invite to play for the evening dance)
Teacher: Ian Muir
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